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My Microdosing Experiment

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Hi everyone. My name is Seymore. I asked a friend to create this forum because I wanted a place where I could document my journey and share it with others. I also want to read others' journeys and learn from them.

I discovered microdosing about a month ago when my brother came to visit. He told me out of the blue that he has been microdosing mushrooms for 1.5 years. I was like "whaaaaaaa!?". I had no idea what that meant but he explained it. He talked about all sorts of benefits and explained the process he went through to grow his own mushrooms. It was really quite interesting.

Now, I'm not new to mushrooms. I've probably taken them 10 times in my life, usually to trip. My normal dose is ~2grams and I would typically do it once every 3-4 years. It always seemed to reset my perspective in a really positive way but it was intense so I didn't do it very often. I have taken acid a couple of times too and found it to be fun but intense.

Day 1 

It has been years since I did mushrooms and I don't even know anyone who would supply me these days. I asked 1 friend if he knew anyone and he didn't. Oh well, SOL I guess. 

Surprise! Three days ago he called me and said he had some. He hooked me up with 3g so I could try this microdosing thing. I jumped for joy and went to meet him. Shortly after, I took my first dose.

After researching a bunch I decided to start with .1g, or 100mg. I ground them up in a coffee grinder and weighed it. I couldn't weigh a small enough dose so I weighed the whole thing and then chopped it in half 6 times resulting in ~.1g. I ate it with a swig of water.

I didn't notice anything after 2 hours so I took another .1g. Research told me that .2 was a normal dose but I wanted to test it first to make sure it wasn't going to give me some bad reaction. 

Within an hour of the second dose I felt energized. It wasn't anything major like my experiences in the past. The things I noticed were slight behavior changes. I was taking a lot of action without hesitation. Normally, I would hesitate when it was time to do certain things, constantly overthinking everything and procrastinating. Now, I was just doing things, checking them off the list. I even wrote a 6000 word article for my website in 1 sitting which is impressive. I did feel rather drained afterwards but man, the words poured out of me.

A client showed up to my office unexpectedly in the afternoon. Normally I might have been slightly annoyed but I was genuinely happy to see him. We talked for a bit and I noticed that I was giving a lot more eye contact than normal. It's like the self-consciousness that usually sits in the back of my head was gone. I was just in the present moment 100%. I think this is the same reason for the lack of normal hesitation. It's like a mind-quieting effect.

Overall Day 1 was awesome. For now I am planning on doing 4 days on, 2 days off. I'll experiment with different patterns and pay close attention to my tolerance, though I'm not doing it for the noticeable effects. I hope that by recording these experiences I'll be able to track the unnoticeable effects like the ones I'm describing now. When they become habit, I won't notice them like I do now when it's fresh.

Day 2

I didn't notice any affect on sleep. It's been super hot and I woke up a bunch of times because of that but overall I felt rested. I did my normal morning routine of coffee and reading before heading to the office. When I got to the office, I measured out ~.2g and downed it with some water.

In about 20 minutes I was blasting through tasks getting tons of stuff done. At one point I felt a bit of the normal mushroom stuff I remember. I had a mild hot flash and my computer screen looked a little blurry. It passed after about 5 minutes and I didn't notice anything else like that throughout the day. 

In the afternoon I got a wild hair and took another .2g dose to see what happened. I didn't notice any psychadelic effects at all but I was very action-oriented all evening. I spontaneously ran some errands for my grandma and brought her a fan because it's 110 degrees outside. I took care of some chores, made dinner, and settled in to read for a couple of hours before bed. 

Overall it was a very good day. I'm really digging this microdosing thing.

Day 3

Today started similar to yesterday but I remembered an interesting dream. In the dream I was my sister. Not a real sister but one that doesn't exist. I was talking to a guy about my brother (me). I was talking about how much money "he" makes and the guy was like "That's not that much." It was very interesting because I make pretty good money but I don't feel like it's enough. This was the first time I've ever been able to see myself completely from the third person. I woke up feeling a bit odd about it. It was like I was confronting something about myself head on. Very cool. Even though it was uncomfortable, I like the growth that comes with these experiences.

When I got to the office I took .2g and got to work. I have been putting off a bunch of calls for weeks but I managed to bust them all out in one sitting this morning. By the end I felt like I was on a roll and even made a few extra. After that, I blasted through my task list and got almost everything done that I needed to by 11am. Very unusual. I'm very productive on these doses.

At lunch I took my dog a few blocks down the street and walked around a peninsula on the lake. It's 95 degrees today so we went for a swim. It was absolutely amazing. I haven't been swimming all summer. For some reason I never get around to it. I'm glad I went today. 

When I got back to the office I took another .1g and worked for another couple of hours. I got so much done it's insane. 

I've been trying to find a way to explain what this is like. When I say things it sounds like a typical mushroom thing to say... "I feel like this is helping me find my natural rhythm." That's really the best way to explain it. I feel like everything is just a little better. It's not solving all of my problems but it's nudging them in the right direction. 

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Day 4

Microdosed .2 again today. It was pretty much the same as the other days. I got a ton of stuff done in the morning and other than that, didn't notice much else.

Day 5

I was planning on taking a break today but my friend and I decided to go play disc golf for the day. I think I probably ate about 1g throughout the day. I tripped a little bit but nothing major. Mostly it was like I couldn't focus on anything except what was right in front of me which was great. We played 18 holes then hiked down the lake and swam for a couple of hours. Then, we went and got food and went back to the disc golf course for another round. We must have walked ~18 miles and had a freakin blast.

Day 6

Took a break today.

Day 7

Took a small dose, maybe .1g around noon. I was planning on not taking any but I wanted to little boost of productivity for work. I didn't notice much of an effect but I've been working non-stop all afternoon so perhaps it's helping. Perhaps I would have done this anyways. That's okay that I'm not noticing it as that's what microdosing is supposed to be like. I'm going camping for the rest of the week so I won't do any MD but I may Macro if I feel like it. The plan is to save MD days for Mon-Thur and take Fri-Sun off each week. I'll try to remember to update this so I can look back at it later and look for changes.